Sunday, July 1, 2012

Looking pretty strange.

If you like to shop in a store that's spacious and you've got room to maneuver around and see everything easily in. Wait til you see Fabric Town now. It's getting so "Spacious" that is has a slight echo.

Yesterday we emptied 87 bolts, on Friday 119. The samples are coming down as the patterns and kits are sold out. The reflection of the lighting on the bare walls makes it so bright, it's like double full spectrum. I may put a sign up - Free tanning ... sure seems like you could get one.

I hate to see the shop all torn up and looking so bad. However, each day as it empties I'm one day closer to letting go. It's hard but I think it was the best way to do it. I am getting to say goodbye to my long time supporters, friends and those special customers who have become family. I will admit, it's not easy. If I can give one bit of advice - when you go into a shop that's closing, be careful or better yet, be tactful as to what you say to the owner and employees. You wouldn't believe the things that are said to us on a daily basis. A few times I was left totally speechless.

We still have a good supply of things left, thinking it will not go much more than the first two weeks of July.

That's it for my update. Have a wonderful 4th of July... be careful, be safe.


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