Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A lovely addition to my deck

       Do you like wind chimes? I do, but not the heavy metal - loud kind. I like the soft ones. This afternoon, Jackie from Valley Girl came in to bring me a gift for my deck. I've talked about Jackie and Sara, they make me my oatmeal and latte's for breakfast. This was a wonderful surprise. I hung it up the minute I got home. Right now I can hear it softly chiming.
Along with the chime was this Green crackle glass plant vase. It would be great to put a little flower in it or to root something. Tomorrow when I go to the shop, I'll get a clipping from one of my Pothos and root it. What a thoughtful gift. I feel fortunate to have such nice people as my friends.

Once again, if you want to start your day off with a cup of fresh brewed coffee and a smile.. go to Valley Girl in Apple Valley.  (try the Peaches and Cream pastry.. Fantastic!!  Oh wait, I wouldn't know about that, I'm on Weight Watchers)

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