Friday, July 6, 2012

Going, Going, Going

It's amazing how much wider the shop looks with 90% of the fixtures and merchandise gone. The walls are empty, the samples off the walls and fabric is down to about 400 bolts.

Still have some books, notions and kits left. Will be selling misc stuff that we find in the backroom and in those little nooks and crannies. 

If anyone is looking for a great ironing table that has loads of storage - we have one for sale.
Our front counters would make a great workbench for a garage, lots of storage area underneath. They would make great cutting tables as well, they're just really big.

File cabinets, metal shelving, desks all have to go. 

I'd like to get as much out of the shop and into new homes before we close on the 21st.
If you'd be interested, stop in and check them out.

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