Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A latte + a smile = Valley Girl.

It's pretty well known that I like latte's, mugs, tea cups and funky stuff. I also like to support local -  shops in my area, especially family owned vs chains.

On the next street over from Fabric Town,  is the cutest - funkiest coffee shop and boutique. "Valley Girl" is owned by a Jackie and Sara. When you walk in, you're greeted with a big smile and asked how you're day is going. Then... handed your favorite coffee. For me, that's a skim latte... made just the way I like it. Here's Jackie this morning making mine.

There's a menu of sandwiches etc but what is really wonderful are the quiches, really decadent desserts and my favorite Rice Krispie bars. The selection changes from day to day, but there's always something yummy in the case.

While waiting for your breakfast quiche or lunch sandwich to be made, you can check out the wonderful gift section. They have the wildest, and most unusual gifts around. Just to name a few things... jeweled pens, notebooks with sequins, lots of retro necklaces, rings and jewelry, candles and fun books you don't find everywhere.

Are these cute... lots of Peace Signs of every color and shape, glittered, painted, metal and more. You can find them hanging and scattered on the shelves throughout the shop.

Really fun clothes. Lots of tie dyed and gauze dresses. Fun tops and the cutest flip flops.

Even the dressing room is cute.

Need some quiet time with a friend or group of friends. In the back is a private little room to sit, sip and relax. It's perfect to just kick back and read a book or maybe do a little facebooking. What ever you choose, you'll feel very welcome.

This morning when I was in getting my kick of caffeine, they had a new mug... I love the saying on it  "Wish it... dream it, do it". The newest addition to my collection.. and I'll be trying it out first thing tomorrow morning.  I hope that you'll stop by "Valley Girl" when you're in the neighborhood. Until then check out their website - www.valleygirlcoffeeshop.com.

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mommaras said...

what a cute store. A must go to when I am back home. Soon