Friday, April 27, 2012

Caring and Compassion

This has nothing to do with Fabric Town, Quilting or Quahog. It's just something that happened yesterday that brought me to tears and has left me with a knot in my stomach.

I was in the parking lot of Rainbow Foods yesterday loading cases of water into my truck. I could hear a man and woman talking. While they were talking the gentleman was looking into his hand. This is what I heard him say, " you take it and go get one for you, I'll try to get enough for mine." Then she responded, "maybe we could split one?".

I looked up to see a homeless couple. Not the scamming kind, no fraud here... these two were obviously down and out. Dirty, rumpled and they had that sad look in their eyes. Neither looked like you're stereotype lush or that there were drugs involved, they just looked tired and hungry. The clothes the woman had on at one time had been nice.

What they were talking about was the fact that it's 74 cents for a White Castle hamburger and they only had enough for one.  He was hoping to get enough to get another one... somehow. Do you know how small a White Castle hamburger is? She wanted to split it with him.

When they got closer to my truck, I couldn't look away and I couldn't act like I hadn't heard them. I was so close to tears it was hard to hold them back. So, I said "Hi" and they replied with a smile. I asked if I could help and they both just looked at me with those very sad eyes. The gentleman spoke up and told me that he needed 40 more cents so that he could get each of them a hamburger, he only had $1.08.

I reached into my purse and took out my wallet. I had $20 in it. I handed it over to him and said "Take that, you'll be able to get a few for each of you." They took the money, held each others hand and their legs were going so fast as they headed for White Castle they were almost in a trott... and they were smiling.

I got in my truck, and yes, I was in tears. I sat for a minute and couldn't help thinking - who know's someday that could be me. You never know what's going to happen, life is funny like that. I will say one thing, if I never do another good thing in my life I know that I helped out two people who really needed  a little caring and compassion. I will think of them and silently wish them well every time I drive by White Castle.

Thanks for listening to my story...


mommaras said...

I know it was sad but didn't it make you feel good that you could do that. God Bless You, Patti

Stacey said...

And this is why you have the friends you do...your heart is pure and good Ms.Patti.
I believe moments like that dont just happen...they are given to us for a reason. You are a lucky

grandmarockton said...

God has BLESSED you, you listened to your ANGEL