Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Rumors can ruin a business

There is a rumor that is floating around about Fabric Town closing, or as it was stated... going under. I want to set the record straight. Fabric Town is NOT, closing, going under or anything of the sort.

We just re-negotiated our lease with our landlord and signed on for 3 more years.

People say that we are not getting in the amount of fabric that we use to. That's true, but think about it, what shop really is? This economy has taken a toll on every business and half the families in this country.

When our customers spend less, we have to buy less. In order for us to keep our doors open we have to be sensible about what we order and when we have it come in. Right now the Holiday fabric is coming in, that eats up a good portion of our budget. So when that happens other areas have to wait their turn. Next would be our Civil War section. We have quite a few bolts coming from Andover, Marcus and Blue Hill. Our 30's section just got 20 new bolts and we have ordered 30 more to arrive within the next few weeks. On top of all that, you add in the fact that we have 2 full orders of the Quilt Minnesota fabric in stock, waiting for the Hop to start.

There are reasons that we no longer carry certain lines or brands. For one, batiks are no longer at our shop. My reasoning behind that; when you have two shops within 5 miles of you -each carries a large selections of batik, why would I want to have the same thing? Moda is another one. This I won't go into, but look around, you'll notice that alot of shops are not carrying the Moda selections they use to. Several are no longer carrying Moda at all. I am still on the fence about Moda. To be honest - There's life without Moda.

We are currently working on fun things for our customers. A few examples would be our Quilt Sewcial, Talent Show Bed Turning, Classes with Celine Perkins of "Perkins Dry Goods", and Buttermilk Basin is coming with her fabulous wool trunk show and lecture. This is just to name a few

Patti H. is putting together our class schedule for fall ..... and we have alot more in the works.

I am asking a favor from you, if you hear these rumors, please squelch them. A rumor like this could ruin a business. We are NOT closing.

That is all I'm going to say about this subject.


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mimi'sdarlins said...

I hadn't heard the rumor, but I will surely set the record straight if I hear it and will refer them to your blog so they can read it for themselves! I'm glad I saw your post 'before' hearing the rumor, I'd hate it if you closed. Yours is one of my favorite shops b/c you still carry the fabrics I love most.