Sunday, July 24, 2011

The new "Chicklets" are done.

My apologies to the ladies that were in looking for more "Chicklets". It seems like they just evaporate off the shelves.

I spent the weekend folding and packing up LOTS of them. I hope this will hold you over for a while.

There's a box all tagged and tied up, ready to put out on Monday. These are just waiting for the tags and to be tied.

I owe a Thank You to a special friend, Julie Stewart. Julie owns "Keepsake Cottage Fabrics" in Bothell, Wa. She told me about the little packs at a retreat we were on together. Following her lead, I decided to make up a few.... a few has ended up being more like hundreds. Thank you, Julie for a nice little tip.

I'll finish these up and they'll be available on Monday.


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