Saturday, July 2, 2011

Quick Tips for Curved Piecing.

I was always afraid to attempt curves because I was sure I couldn't do it. This is very easy, it just takes a little patience.

The first thing you must do is to divide your arc and pieces in half. This is important to insure that you ease it in around the curve evenly. I fold each piece in half and finger press (or you can use your iron) the center to make a crease.

Here you can see the crease in the center of the arc.

Once you have that done, with right sides together, line up the crease and pin the pieces together. Put your pins on the smaller piece - in this case it's the black and white. You do this so you can put the larger piece on the bottom when you sew. This is so your feed dogs can help you evenly ease the fullness in.

I must admit, I'm a pin person. I use alot of pins and when doing curves, I feel you can't over pin. You have your pin in the center, now go to each end and line them up and pin them.
I know this feels awkward, like it's never going to fit - just wait, it will.

The curves are on the bias, so they have a lot of stretch to them. If you pull them slightly, you will see how the two fabrics arc together. Now you will start pinning between the pins you already put in. Pull to line up the fabics and evenly pin the sides together. Do this all the way from end to end.

Now it's time to sew, put the larger piece of fabric on the bottom.
I use a piece of mole skin because my foot is not accurate and it also gives me a ridge to run the curve along. I don't take my pins out when sewing ... just go slowly over them.

After you've sewn the arc together, remove the pins.
Now you're ready to press and see how well your curve turned out.

I like to spray my piece with either Best Press or Magic Sizing. This helps make a nice crisp seam. When you press, start from the side and press to the top. Your arc will just lay flat and the bias edge makes it curve smoothly.

Congratulations... you just did "Curved Piecing". I hope this was helpful.
I apologize for the quality of these photos. I am still learning how to use my new camera and it was on "Magic" setting.... who knows what that is.

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