Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ushering in the New Year.

2009 hat Cheers to a Happy New Year.

Jeff and I have decided to spend the night at home, safe and warm. It has been a hectic few weeks and a nice quiet, relaxing evening is what I would like. Jeff has his bottle of Champagne and I have my hot tea.

Becky and I worked at the shop til 3:30 today. WOW was it busy. Our annual Inventory Sale is going on and has kept us really hopping for the past week. Normally, the sale would end today. We had so many requests for it to go til' January 1st, that we decided to open the shop from noon - 4:00 and extend the sale. As for the questions regarding the 50% off snowflake bolts, Yes, they will probably still be on sale for a while - I just don't know how long that will be. So get in and get your backs while you can save 50%. And don't forget - fat 1/4's for a $1.00 (one customer bought 413 - that is what I call taking advantage of a good thing)

Today is my 1 year anniversary of owning Fabric Town. Hard to believe the year flew that fast. A lot has occurred in just 12 months. We have seen many changes and hopefully with the new year we will see a lot more. I have high hopes for 2009.

I am going to go take a bath, get my tea and work on some handwork. If you're going to a party tonight, please be safe.

I wish everyone a Healthy and Happy 2009.


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