Friday, December 19, 2008

Burrrr.....another Hot Chocolate and Chili Day!!!

Bundled Another blustery day....

I have today off so I think I'll pick up around here, put out a few more decorations and make a huge pot of chili. Nothing I like better on a day like this, than a big bowl of chili and a loaf of bread from my bread maker. For anyone that knows me well, they know I don't cook much. I can cook, I just don't like to. The exception to that rule - Chili, Chicken Soup or Spaghetti Sauce. I make my own from scratch. I enjoy making those three things and can actually make some pretty tasty meals. So, tonight we're going to stay in and have a nice home cooked dinner - I have snowman plates and bowls and that'll be fun.

Hard to believe Christmas is less than a week away. I hope everyone is getting their gifts finished up and wrapped. Yesterday at the shop, we had several ladies in that were making decorated towels as gifts. We have a nice selection of towels and with a simple strip of holiday fabric you have a wonderful - inexpensive gift that anyone would like. Great idea for a hostess gift or a Sister-in-Law that is hard to buy for. One lady bought 22 towels, you can bet she's going to be sewing for a few days. I appreciate a gift that is hand made, if someone took the time to make it for me - that means alot.

Our class schedule is finally done and on our web site. Spent last night hanging samples, more to go up and even more coming in by end of January. Have a wonderful selection this time. Has been a while since we offered this sort of variety.

The addition of Kim Cooke to the shop is going to be alot of fun. For those who don't know Kim, she is the former owner of "The Quilter's Basket" in Maple Grove. Alot of her former customers have found out that she is our new teacher and are thrilled. She is a fun, energetic lady with alot of great ideas. We are all really excited to kick off 2009 with some of her classes & events.

Our first annual "Snowflake Sale" started on Monday and is going well. Happy to see the bolts emptying, need to make room for all the new fabrics that will start coming in January. If you haven't made it in for the sale.... don't miss your chance to get 50% off. There are 300 bolts marked with a "Snowflake" as they empty the flake is put on another bolt. I received emails asking how long we will have the flakes. A t least until the end of the month but who knows what will be left by then.

I better go now, if I don't get to the store and get the groceries... no chili tonight. After writing about it, I'm hungry.

Keep Warm

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