Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas morning and all is quiet.

Tree Merry Christmas everyone...Hope you all had a peaceful Christmas eve. Jeff and I spent it at our home with my Mother and Quahog.

I worked at the shop til' 3:00 then went to pick up our "Holiday Feast". (Sounds alot better if you phrase it that way.) On Monday night I made Oyster Chowder, and yesterday I picked up Shrimp and Italian Cold Cuts. Sounds like a strange combination to most but the chowder is a tradition as are the Cold Cuts, and Jeff loves Shrimp Cocktail. We also had homemade apple crisp and some fantastic cookies that were given to us as a gift. Need I say more, it was a great meal and we had a chance when we were done eating to sit, relax and talk while enjoying the tree.

Oh, the tree - still looking good, I have not forgotten to water it so not alot of needles are falling off and it still has that wonderful fragrance. When I got up this morning I checked under it but evidently Santa did not get my letter - no Red - BMW z4 underneath it. There is a chance that I was naughty at some point this year and that may have had something to do with it.

Today, we are taking my Mother to Treasure Island Casino for the buffet. She loves to play the slots and that was her suggestion of where to go for dinner. Not alot open on Christmas Day and I really didn't want left over cold cuts so, over the river and through the woods we will go to a wonderful buffet.

Tonight, Jeff and I have to finish putting out the fat 1/4's at the shop for the start of our Annual Inventory Reduction Sale. We put some out yesterday but it takes a while to get them organized by color etc. I made the comment to Jeff that there were a lot but once we spread them out into the containers, they did not look like a many as they had when they were in boxes in our bedroom. Not a good comment to a man who has been folding every night for the past 2 months. He has done a great job helping me and, Yes it looks great. I have not told him yet that he can continue to fold for the next fat quarter frenzy in March, I will break it to him gently.

Bye for now,

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