Thursday, December 29, 2011

Heartwarming and up lifting

When you turn on the news each night, you hear all the bad things that happened that day. Some days there isn't even one story that would be considered heartwarming or up lifting.

Well, this is that heartwarming, up lifting story.  I received a message last week from Cindy Wilson, a long time friend and quilter. She wanted to know if Fabric Town collected pillow cases for "ConKerr Cancer". She had a box of cases her Mother , Pauline Tyrrell, had made to donate. I responded that we did and would be glad to take the box and contact them for pickup.

The photo you are looking at is what was in the box...100 pillow cases. There are ones made in fairy fabric, trucks, robots, angels and many, many more.  All washed and pressed ready to be given to a child fighting to over come Cancer. 

I got a message back to Cindy, wanting to know if I could put her Mothers name and a little bit about her on our blog. This is what Cindy told me about her Mom.

Pauline has been making pillow cases for over a year now. She has already made 200 and has 70 more cut out and ready to sew. She enjoys going to quilt shops to pick out fabrics to make the cases. Her partner Perry makes it a team effort, he enjoys picking out the fabric for the boys cases. Then they work together to pick out the trim and cuffs.

With the economy in such a state and all the nastiness you hear about on the news, it's nice to know that there are still people like Pauline and Perry out there.  Knowing that Pauline's cases will help make 100 children smile is what I call a heartwarming, up lifting story.  

Thank you Pauline, your generosity and efforts are appreciated by every family your pillow cases touch.

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