Monday, December 26, 2011

Make it take it Day.

I have been working on a few ideas for quick, inexpensive classes to help pass the blustery days of winter.

Here's a question for you... would you be interested in a "Make it Take it" class? That would be a project that you would be able to completely finish in 3 - 4 hours.  It would be a small wool project, you'd have two options to chose from. 

I always enjoyed doing Make it Take it's. I like the chance to make something that I could get done in an afternoon, and it was usually something I would not normally do.

I've been working on a special - surprise project for a retreat I'm going on, each of the attendees will receive one. Several have seen them and asked if I would teach them to make one. It's a great introduction to wool, fast and very pretty.  After my retreat, when all have gotten their surprise  I will post the photo of them.

I'm thinking of having the class on a Sunday afternoon and then again on a day during the week. What would work best for you?  The fee would be minimal, just for the supplies. The project I have in mind would be approximately $9.95 and that would include Coffee and Tea while you create.

I would appreciate your input...  


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