Sunday, November 13, 2011

Remodeling underway.

 For some time now I've been saying "we're going to re-do our class area". Well, we started last week. My plan is to make it more private - yet keep it open so that customers can come to the notions wall. The first thing we're doing, is taking the fabric out of the class section. We've emptied the shelves and have them off the walls. 
If all goes as planned, we'll have slat wall put up today where the shelves were. That will allow us to display class samples opened up so they can be seen better. plus have the option of putting  the kits on small wall shelves with the samples and patterns. Basically, make it easier for our customers to find everything they need to make the quilt without having to hunt for things. Space has been made for a flannel board to be put up that's permanent and lastly, replace the carpet.

The shelves we took off the wall (seen here empty) will be put together in a section 3 in a row/back to back to form a dividing wall.  Since we do alot of kitting in the back part of the shop I don't want to completely block the view to the front. On the other side of the room we will be bringing in a hutch with a table and chairs. We have alot of ladies that like to do handwork and this will give them a quiet place to come, sit and relax. Eventually we will have coffee and cookies available.

So, there's alot of work to be done. If you stop in and the back looks a little strange - that's why. It may take a little longer to get it done than I planned but we're finally moving ahead. Lets hope that Jim who's doing the slat wall arrives today. He got tied up last weekend so the shop looked torn apart all week. Once he gets his part completed we can go get the Hutch and table out of our storage locker.

I will be glad when it's finally finished. This is all going to take time, but I think it'll make a big difference in keeping classes a little more private.

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