Friday, August 26, 2011

Learning to embroider... and havin' fun!!!

For the past 6 months, I've had this adorable book.
I just keep taking it out and looking at the cute dresses and trying to figure out what I want to make.

Since I'm in the middle of an applique Christmas BOM, starting another is not possible. BUT... what if I emboidered the little dresses?

I've wanted to learn to embroider for a while now. I watch the ladies once a month in our embroidery club do it and admire their wonderful projects. Becky and Sandy are unbelievable, their stitches are so even... perfection.

So, I traced one of the dresses on a plain background fabric, put the fleece on the back - found my hoop and started.

OK, so all I know how to do is the stem stitch, but that'll work.

The little sailor dress was the first I did. Not bad, my stitches were not exactly perfect but I think with practice and a few tips from Becky or Sandy and I could get better.

Since the dresses aren't appliqued there isn't a lot of color. So I decided that I would add rick rack, beads and any other tiny embellishments I could find.

It feels like designing clothing for kids.

This is my favorite so far. I love the scotty dog on the front.

I have several more done and now am trying to figure out what I will do with them. I was thinking of bordering each individual with a 30's print that coordinates with it, then sewing them all together. It may look nice... or too busy, we'll see when I get them all done.

Special thanks to Linda from Brandywine Designs for the wonderful book.

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