Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011 Quilt Minnesota comes to an end.

Tomorrow is the final day of the 2011 Quilt Minnesota Statewide Shop Hop. Before I go any further, I want to say Thank You to all the participants that made this event, fun and were so appreciative of all the effort that was put into it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time and got to see all the fantastic quilts and quilting related items available to them at all the shops. Isn't it fun to see how each shop has their own different flavor? I find it amazing how shops can carry the same fabrics but what each does with them makes them all unique. We're known as the Civil War and 1930's shop. We don't carry Asians or Batiks. So our main concentration lies in those areas. Many thanks for the comments on our samples. Alot of time is put into making and displaying quality quilts for you to enjoy.

Did you get to all the shops you had hoped to? What was your favorite thing about the Hop?
Was there something we - the shop owners- could do to improve your next years experience? These are questions that we ask ourselves after each hop. I would like to be able to take your comments to our finishing meeting and share them with our group and then on to Sue/Grubers for their last meeting. Your opinions do count and are important to all of us.

Please take a minute and send me an email so I can take it to the meeting and address it with the other shop owners.

Send responses to and put Quilt Minnesota Comments in the subject line.

I can assure you, the other shop owners really want to hear what you think - we can' t correct or improve things if we don't have feed back.

Looking forward to hearing from you.
And again... Thank you for making the Hop lots of fun.


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