Monday, August 29, 2011

The Great Minnesota Get Together

When I got up this morning I had no plans to go to the fair. It just happened.

I was told that I could get the bus at the MOA, go to the fair and come home anytime I wanted - the bus left every 15 minutes. That sounded good.

Before I knew it, I was parking at the MOA lot and getting on the bus. I haven't been on a bus since I was in school - lets just say it's been a while.

What a deal $5. to go and return, no hassle with parking. Perfect.

When I left the house, my intention was to go to the shop and hang class samples, work on a kit I'd started the day before and just get caught up. I did go to the shop, I started to hang the quilts but I hate heights. How the idea to go to the fair came into my head I will never know.

While on the bus my phone rang, it was Jeff asking where I was - he was asleep when I left for the shop.
When I told him I was going to the fair. He laughed and said I'd never find it (I'm not a homing pigeon) and the parking was impossible. My comment was - I'm going to the fair, I'll call you later. I waited a few minutes and then sent a picture of the inside of the bus to his phone. He called immediately, stunned that I really was going and especially that I was going alone. To be honest, so was I. (Jeff doesn't enjoy the fair or I would have gone with him.)

When I got to the fair I ran into one of our customers, Stacey Kahlert and her son Lucas. We walked together to the gate, she gave me her number in case I got lost or needed a ride home.

Once inside, I had two places I wanted to go. I love the baby animals and I had said I would see the Rosebud's Cottage booth in Heritage Square.

To start, I got myself a hand squeezed lemonade. Delicious. Then I was walking past the "All you can drink Milk" booth. I remember my first fair back in 1968, when we moved here. All you could drink was only 25 cents. Every thing's gone up these days. I didn't have any milk - not a good combo with the Lemonade. I did have a cotton candy and a big pretzel with mustard, two of my favorites. I saw the corn dogs - they have gone from the regular size I remember to 18" long. I thought about it, but knew I wouldn't eat even half of it.

I proceeded to Heritage Square, found Roseann's booth and chatted with her and her husband Bob for a few minutes and then it was off the see the baby animals.

The baby animals have always been a favorite of mine. Nothing cuter than a little tiny farm animal. (nothing smellier than the parents)

Laying in the middle of a pen all alone was this adorable baby goat. What a cute little fella and he kept making a little cry for his Mom. She was in another stall, so they went and got her. He was very glad to see her - feeding time.

Then to my favorite, the piglets. So soft and pink. This little one is only 2 days old. The girl holding it said that in 7 months it will weigh 400 lbs. The sad part was then she said that at that time it would be ready for the one way bus ride. I don't know how she could hold that cute little guy and think about bacon. That's one of the reasons I would never make it in 4H... the other reason being - I'm a city kid.

My last stop was the baby ducks. So fluffy and yellow. The girl was explaining to a group of children that when they grow up they'll be just like the one on the AFLAC commercial. I thought that was cute.

That was it, I was done. I'd seen what I wanted to, now to get Jeff a turkey leg and find the main gate.

My trip to the fair was fun, I may go back now that I know about the bus. I would like to see the quilts and a few more things, but will plan ahead and wear tennis shoes and a cooler top. I left the house in a sweatshirt and flip flops.... not the best for the fair.

I hope you got a chance to go. If you didn't - there's always next year.


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Pam said...

I am proud of you Patty! If you go again let me know. I like to go to the fair for a small amount of time and I think we would like to do the same things.