Monday, April 18, 2011

My Favorite Gadget.

Are you a Gadget nut? I'm not usually, but I'm totally hooked on the "SideWinder". It irritates me when I'm sewing along, and have to stop and un-thread my machine to fill a bobbin or change thread color.

This little machine is fun to use. It's small enough to take with you on retreats or to class. It plugs in or you can use batteries. Just put your spool of thread on it, bring the thread across the tension spindle and onto your bobbin. Push the button and it winds a perfect bobbin. I like to have a cup of coffee and wind an entire "bobbin lifesaver" full. I do all the colors that I would anticipate needing and then I'm ready to start sewing.
Here they are, my finished bobbins...just waiting for me to need them.
If you don't have a "SideWinder" check it out. It's a great little gadget.


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