Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bags, fun to make and carry.

Bags and Totes are the rage these days.

Here are a few that Theresa's been working on.

"The Maison Bag", by Silk Road Creations is not just a purse, it's convertible. By that I mean you make the base and then make up the removable bottom.

You can easily us it with out the attachment, for a one color bag or button on the accent bottom to change it up.

Theresa did her accent bottom in two different fabrics so that when you turn it inside out - you have two different bags.

How cute would this bag be for Spring if you did the bag in a stripe and the accent bottom in floral? There are so many different ways this bag could be done to coordinate with your outfits.

The second one she made was the "Margo Handbag" by Lazy Girl Designs.

This bag has a more tailored style. I like the pockets on the outside, you could put your keys and cell phone in them for easy access. I get so tired of digging at the bottom of my purse to find my keys.

Once again you can do this purse in two coordinating fabrics to go with your own personal style.

I like to wear black and white so that's how I'd make mine.

I you're looking for a bag or tote to make, stop in and check out the samples and patterns we have available to chose from. Get started Today and you'll have a fun addition to add to your wardrobe.

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