Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 2 of our "Weightloss Journey"

How did it go for you this week? Did you all get weighed in?

I had to weigh in yesterday, instead of today. Alot to do today so I wanted to be sure I got in.

I managed to get to Snap Fitness 3 times this week. Have to admit that I'm not doing very well when it comes to the treadmill. My back hurts so much from the arthritis that sometimes just walking slowly is tough. I have been trying to walk for 30 minutes, I bring a book and if you can get absorbed by the story you don't notice how fast the time goes.

I did start using the machines, but am taking it slow. The trainer said that I need to strengthen some areas before I try to do to much. Surprising how out of shape I've gotten.

So here is my week 2 results. I lost -4.6 lbs for a total so far of -9 lbs.

I'm pleased with that, and the efforts I'm making to get it off. I will admit that there are moments when all I think about is Buca, Rudy's Red Eye, Porter Creek etc. and then I remember the jeans I just got into and zipped without holding my breath or laying down.
I have a dress in my closet that I've had for a while... a long while. It was my favorite but at this weight it won't even go on. When I can put it on, zip it up and breath... I know I'm finally there.

Last week I mentioned Chobani yogurt. Here's a picture of the container.... it's my secret weapon. I am hooked on it. I love veggies but they don't always stop the craving. If you haven't tried this yet - give it a try. I have 2 - 3 per day and it's like eating dessert for a snack.

My goal for next week is to go to Snap at least 3 times and then I may walk at the mall in the morning before I go to work. I enjoy walking at the mall..... as long as the shops are closed. Last time Jeff and I walked at the Mall of America - the shops were open and we spent $76 on stuff. I burned more calories hauling the stuff to the car than I did walking.

Hope you all had a good week and that this coming will be even better. I will post all the weights when I get them. If you have any tips I will post them too.

Think Slim.... Patti

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