Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kim Diehl is Simply Wonderful.

I have to admit it, I'm addicted to Kim Diehl's books?

One of my favorite things to do - get a cup of coffee and sit on the couch and slowly look page by page.
Simple Traditions, Simple Season & Simple Pleasures I have them all.

There are a number of things I look for when buying a book or pattern. First, I like full color photos, Second, are the instructions easy enough for a beginner to follow and Third, are the yardages correct.

Kim's books fill my criteria. Her photo's are inspiring, full color and fabulous. The instructions would be easy enough for someone with some quilting experience to follow and her yardages are correct.

In my opinion she could name her next book "Simply Wonderful". If you haven't had the pleasure of reading her books, stop in and check them out. I just know you'll love them.


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