Saturday, January 8, 2011

Having fun with friends... a weekend retreat.

Having a wonderful time with a few of the Fabric Town ladies and some of our good friends. This is our Winter get-away retreat. We started Friday morning and wind down Sunday around 5:00. Just long enough to relax and get some quilting done.

I'm working on my "Comfort & Joy" block-of-the-month. Here are a few photo's of block #1 and #2. I still have to blanket stitch around the house. And then to sew all the parts together.

It's like doing a puzzle, and as I had hoped "stress free". I'm working on getting all the piecing done so I can concentrate on all the applique blocks. Doing the blanket stitch by hand so it takes a little longer then using my machine.

We will be putting the kits together so they will be available soon. I know you'll have as much fun as I am, working on this. I especially like the idea that I'm already getting ahead of the Holiday Season.

Hope everyone is keeping warm. Yesterday it was unbelievable just trying to get here. The highway was a mess - cars and trucks in the ditch. It was snowing pretty heavily but the wind was so strong it made it a white-out situation. All our retreaters made it safely, the last one rolled in around 6:30.

Today the sun is out and it's a cold crisp one. Glad I'm inside sewing.

Be Good....

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