Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting ready for my favorite season.....

My favorite season has always been Fall. Coming from New England where the most wonderful Autumn colors are, it's no wonder.

I love the corn stalks, pumpkins and the best is the warm rich tones of the fall fabrics. This is the season of rusts, reds, deep greens, golden yellows and mustard shades.

BUT... even better than that is Halloween. I have always loved to decorate and get into the spooky, crazy stuff. I'm not into the gore or the scary... just the cute fun decorations.

Our Halloween block of the month has really taken off. 12 of the cutest blocks. Check it out on our website.

Right now I'm making this cute little wool ghost pincushion. I doubt I'll use it for pins, I plan on putting it in a shelf with some other Halloween treasures.

At the end of next week. We'll be re-doing the front of the shop. The ladies have been making some really wonderful fall and halloween table runners, wall hangings and toppers. We will also be putting up some new Christmas things. There will be more to come but right now we have a nice selection to help you get a jump on the holidays.

Stop by the shop and check out the newest lines. One of the Christmas lines we got in a few weeks ago is Northwoods Botanicals by Holly Taylor. We've made up a table runner and topper from it and they've been very well received. If you like Deep Cranberry, Dark Sages and Warm
Creams, this line is for you.

Let us help you get ready for the Holidays.

Take care

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