Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New, fun fabrics arrived this morning.

A fun new line arrived this morning. When we ordered it we had a plan. "Fire Escape" by Atkinson Designs.

The soft teal against the lily pad green gives a great contrast. Add just a touch of metallic and you get just a bit of sparkle.

Gotta love Dimples. From a distance they appear solid or slightly mottled.

Close up you can see the texture and pattern. I love these for blenders. I'd like every color in all the shades.

I fell in love with this colorway. Fall is my favorite season and nothing says it like a rich rusty orange

and a gold and orange combination.

When I look at these I can picture a fall bag or tote. Stipple down the background of the large print and watch the design really pop. Tomorrow I'll have to find a new pattern.  What I really need is more time, so many ideas, and never enough time.

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Patti said...

Yummy ... I love the new fabrics. Especially the teal/aqua grouping.