Sunday, January 8, 2012

And fun was had by all.

Diane is working on the cutest 1930's pinwheel quilt.
 Today is our last day. It's amazing how many quilts, toppers, runners, tote bags and even one little dog jacket were made. We laughed, and sewed from early AM til after the witching hour.
Why is it that the work week seems to drag so slowly,  but when you go on a retreat the time flies by so fast?

Here are a few photos of the ladies in action. Some are gone for naps, or were in their rooms reading etc. That's the nicest thing about this retreat. It's not a structured one, it has nothing to do with the shop... it's just ladies enjoying each others company and taking some time to relax.

Hope you enjoy the photos...

Here are Sandra, Jill and Jean checking out one of Jills many projects
Sandi and Miss Evelyn take a break and just chat for a while.

Miss Evelyn is working on a fantastic Red and White Star quilt. This is her first block - 24 more to go.

Myrna and Mary diligently working. Mary's making Star Sprinkles by Atkinson Designs.

Break time for Sandy D. Her project is Among Friends in Civil War prints.

Patti H. (Other Patti) brought 15 bags with UFO's in them. Her mission was to get as many complete as possible. Some just needed borders. Some the blocks were made and had to be put together. Runners needed binding. On the last count, she had 9 projects done and ready to be quilted. The empty chair a cross from her is mine. I did manage to get alot done.

Theresa finished up a quilt, stippled two toppers and was starting on another project.

This is Jessica. She's our "Soon to be Mom". Baby June is due in April and we're all excited. Jessica spent most of her time making crib sheets and things for the new arrival.

Here's just one of the quilt projects that Patti H. got finished. Yellow Brick Road, nice choice for that line of fabrics.

Theresa is finishing up "Pieces in Time" by Perkins Dry Goods. This was a quilt that we tested for Celine.. Theresa liked it so much she made two. Once she gets the border on it's ready to head for the quilter.

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