Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day...literally !!!


Spent our entire Labor Day weekend doing just that.... Labor. We moved walls, painted new shelving and re-arranged half the shop.

Here are a few of the "BEFORE"shots.

Since the shop was closed I wore my oldest pajama bottoms and a ratty tee shirt to do the painting in. Guess how many customers we had in to see that delightful outfit?

The place was jumpin' - we opened the front door to air out the paint smell. We had it blocked with a quilt rack and sign that said we were closed. When they all started to arrive, we gladly let them in with the understanding that they not notice my fancy outfit and had to carefully shop around the mess. Great group of quilters, they just laughed and climbed over the piles of fabric and ducked under the ladder. We washed the paint off our hands and cut fabric for them and one of the ladies from
Brainerd purchased my Celery Featherweight. She already has two of the black ones so this is a new addition.

It was a fun and still constructive day. We spent a total of 16 hours but it was worth it.

Special Thanks to "Other Patti" for coming in and helping us get it back together... with out her help it would not have gotten done as quickly.

Next post will be the "AFTER" photos.

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