Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another day full to the brim.

Got up early to get a jump on things. Have a pretty full day planned at the shop.

Quilt Minnesota is still going strong. Yesterday, we had no more than 10 minutes without a shop full of hoppers. That's fantastic, you would expect it to be quieter during the weekdays. It seems that many prefer to come during the week to avoid the weekend crowds. Whenever they decide to come, we welcome them.

I find it amazing how a shop hop can not only bring out the "physical" quilter but the "mental-creativity" of the quilters. Does that make sense to you? I was listening to several quilters talk while looking at a sample hanging on the wall. They were talking about their fabrics and where they would use them in their version of that quilt. How they would change this and add that. In essence, they were designing and creating something unique. When I got them the pattern and we chatted, it was very interesting to hear some of their ideas. They were going on a retreat and taking that pattern as their project. Each was going to make it "Her" way. I would love to see the finished projects - guaranteed they would all be "creatively"different and wonderful.

Our class schedule will be posted on our website today. Patti H. has been working very hard to put together one that has a full array of classes for all levels. Lola, Kim, Patti H, Becky and Georgann and I will all be teaching again. Most of the classes are new but we did offer some of the popular ones again. If you missed one last time, check and see if it's listed this time. If you can't find it, call and we can see if it will be on our Winter schedule.

Well, that's it for now. Better get ready and head to the shop.

Have a wonderful day,

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